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diabetes treatment in ayurveda

Breaking the myth that ‘Diabetes cannot be cured but only managed’, this exclusive and personalized ‘Diabetes health program’ helps you to combat the menace of Diabetes and comorbidities associated with it while keeping healthy levels of glucose naturally.


India being the diabetic capital of the world, faces a substantial economic burden of Diabetes and other lifestyle disorders with drugs worth billions are consumed by the patients in the hope of managing their disease. At the same time, they seldom give a thought on its reversal. Surprisingly, it is very much possible with Ayurveda medicines and personalized dietary regimen if planned in sync with the patient’s Prakriti. 


The biggest health issue with Diabetes is that it does not come alone, with the progression of time, it brings Comorbidities like Diabetic Neuropathy, Diabetic Retinopathy, and kidney disorders with it. If you or anyone of your close ones shows symptoms as below - 

You can do a favour to them by asking them to begin with a holistic Ayurveda diet regimen for its reversal instead of popping pills for life long as type-2 Diabetes is just pavement for other comorbidities lining up in the pipeline.


The cost of managing these medical conditions with drugs and procedure is so hefty that it has pushed millions of people in poverty. Simply because they have been told to live with it forever relying on sugar medicines. 


You may find it surprising, but even in the western world where people know very less about Ayurveda until recently, millions of people have either managed or even reversed their Diabetes (type1 and type 2 diabetes) with the help of holistic, healthy diet and regimen and are now living without diabetes medicines/sugar medicines. Some of the common medications used against high blood sugar which have side effects along with the main side effect of life long reliance on them are- 


  • Insulin that makes weight loss difficult.  
  • Glucophage like metformin which upsets the stomach and rarely helps to control sugar individually.
  • Sulfonylureas such as Glipizide, Glimepiride and Glyburide, which cause weight gain and lose their efficacy after years of use and a diabetic person has to switch on Insulin ultimately.  
  • Rosiglitazone and Pioglitazone from the class of thiazolidinediones cause weight gain and fluid retention in the body. 
  • Exenatide (Byetta) comes in the form of an injectable drug but is one of the most expensive drugs. 

Is Living Without Diabetes Drugs Possible?

The Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes follows the ancient principle of ‘Aahar (Diet), Vihar (Lifestyle) and Ausdha (Medicine). Once the body starts processing sugar without any external support, one can manage it with diet and lifestyle only. The minute changes in the food and lifestyle of the patients and with the unique combination (personalized for every individual)of herbal medicines, the condition of Diabetes can not only be controlled but possible to reverse in months.

  • Cleansing Phase

    In Diabetes mellitus, your body produces Insulin. Still, the body cells are unable to utilize it; it is because they are jammed and do not allow Insulin’s action on them for glucose to enter in them, and cells can use Insulin. This inability of your cells makes glucose travel in your blood and hence, a raised blood sugar. While most of the health expert puts you either on anti-diabetic synthetic or herbal drugs, we make sure this cleansing gets done for your cells process the Insulin.

  • Increasing the body’s Insulin Sensitivity

    The diabetes health program helps you in increasing your body’s insulin sensitivity most healthily without even bad shaming carbohydrates. Eating carbohydrates do not cause Diabetes, but it is when your body cannot process sugar, or low digestive fire as per Ayurveda causes you Diabetes. We plan your dietary regimen in the way that you still eat carbohydrates, albeit complex ones and help you in reversing it. The regimen helps in the cases of Diabetes type 1, where it has been seen patients curtailing on the use of Insulin and in most cases stop using it.

  • Personalized Program

    Every individual looks differently and behaves differently, and the reason precisely lies in their Prakriti/constitution. We take the help of this Ayurveda Prakriti to plan your dietary regimen that suits your daily schedule, eating habits and most importantly, to your gut.

Lacs of people around the world have reversed the condition of Diabetes; the secret lies in the basics, not in the complex chemical drugs where most of the patients seek the refuge of managing it. Here is a small brief of the process we adopt to get the healthy blood sugar levels back in your body. 

 At Aas Ayurveda, the doctor-patient engagement holds the key. For doing this, we have a treatment and engagement protocol that consists of the daily Ayurveda diet; personalized workout recall to keep everything under the specialist’s hawk eyes.

There are many documentary pieces of evidence which suggest that engagement brings faster results which mere prescriptions do not. To meet this objective, we take patients on a health journey or ‘Swasthya Yatra’ for their total well-being. 


Success Story

Surendra Kumar, Lucknow

Suffering from Diabetes mellitus from 4 years was a nightmare for me. I consulted Dr Bhupesh Vashisht from Aas Ayurveda. I was fascinated with the home detox program, which helped me to shed 6 kg weight and then personalized diabetes cure program that helped me to overcome my raised blood sugar level. It has been three years now when I stopped my diabetic medicines. Other than being fully personalized, the diabetes health program cost me less than the hefty fees of drugs, gym and also mitigated the cost of the complications that might arise in the future due to Diabetes.

In case, you would like to speak to our doctor, or want to have telephonic consultation, all you need is to send this duly filled ‘Case Record Form’ in details for us to assess and know your health condition better.