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The erectile dysfunction is a condition in which there is an inability to get or maintain a firm erection for sexual intercourse. The male sexual arousal and erection is a complex process that involves psychological, hormonal, bloodvascular and muscular factors. A problem with any of these can lead to the temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction. The erectile dysfunction often leads to stress, emotional torment and relationship problems. The treatment for erectile dysfunction includes exercising regularly to avoid bloodvascular problems and oral medications to increase the blood flow into the penis.

Ayurvedic Description Of Erectile Dysfunction:

According to Ayurveda, the erectile dysfunction is called Klaibya, which is caused due to vitiation of Vata dosha in the body. On the basis of the causes, seven types of Klaibya are mentioned in Ayurvedic texts-

  1. The Manasik klaibya is caused by the psychological factors.
  2. The Doshaj klaibya is caused by physiological factors.
  3. The Shukra kshayaj is caused by deficiency of Shukra dhatu.
  4. The Vyadhij klaibya is cause by some other diseases like diabetes, obesity, UTI etc.
  5. The Aghataj klaibya is caused by surgical or accidental trauma.
  6. The Shukra nirodhaj klaibya is caused by thesuppression of sexual urge.
  7. The Sahaj klaibya is congenital in nature.


Signs & Symptoms


  • Unable to maintain regular or repeated firm erection

Causes and Risk Factors

Medical conditions

Cardiac ailments, diabetes, and psychological states like anxiety and depression increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Tobacco use

Tobacco is found to restrict the blood flow to veins and arteries and with prolonged use; it can cause chronic health conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction.


Obesity is a major risk factor that causes erectile dysfunction and also an impediment in sexual intercourse.

Medical treatments

Surgery of prostate gland or radiation treatment for cancer also causes ED.


Medications including antidepressants, antihistamines, anti hypertensive, painkillers too have known to increase the chances of erectile dysfunction.


The erectile dysfunction is reported heavily in men who have been long-term drug users or consume alcohol for a longer period of time constantly.

Self Care Tips

  • It is very important to keep body weight in control as the excess weight put the cardiovascular system under strain and hence it becomes an impediment in treating obese patients with ED.
  • Avoid smoking tobacco in case of erectile dysfunction as it worsen the condition further.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol as it directly suppresses the release of secondary sex hormones.
  • Maintain a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle, avoid junk, stale and fast food items as they aggravate the condition of ED.
  • Regularly monitor and control the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Stay physically active and agile, a brisk walk of 30 minutes a day can improve the blood flow, state of mind and stress levels, which naturally help in overcoming ED.
  • Relieve any kind ofstress; speak to your medical consultant openly on the issues that trouble you.
  • Get enough sleep in the night.
  • In many cases, the pelvic floor exercises too have been found to help the patients of erectile dysfunction, to perform them, it is advisable to do them under the instructions of an expert before practicing at home.

The treatment for erectile dysfunction adopted in Ayurveda is to increase libido, quality and quantity of semen; duration of erection and to treat infertility effectively is known as Vaajikarana. Ayurveda has laid much importance on male potency. Mahrishi Charak stated the use of aphrodisiacs as mentioned in Ayurvedic therapies that enhances male potency and these medicines are said to give the strength and potency like that of a horse. The Ayurvedic treatment of ED is very effective and result oriented which has been documented by various independent researches as well.