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AAS’ stands equal to the word ‘HOPE’ in the English language. We at ‘AAS Ayurveda’ commit ourselves every day to transform this hope into a reality of a healthy, happy...
With every changing season, when we prepare our body for the next season, the accumulated doshas and toxins in the previous season need to be wiped out for equipping us in a better and healthy way...
Ayurveda defines health as a state of equilibrium of doshas (regulatory and functional entities of the body), dhatus (structural entities), mala (excretory entities) and agni (digestive and metabolic factors)...
A favorable combination of a Right Diet taken at a Right Time in a Right Amount with the Right Attitude leads one to achieve a healthy, glowing and disease free body. AAS Ayurveda plans, customizes the dietary regimen, which are compatible with...

We are known for...

Specialty Treatment Centre

‘AAS Ayurveda’ offers time tested and safe treatment for the ailments described in great details at the web space here, not only this, our consultants help you to plan your health in the ways you never did before. The approach follows the ways of management and cure of the ailments through focusing on diet, lifestyle and herbal medications and the diagnosis is done through both with the help of modern diagnostics and the Ayurvedic texts.

Patients Engagement

‘AAS Ayurveda’ is not a platform to get some prescriptions and beating the path alone in your journey. At every step of your troubled days and even in your days of convalescence, a committed and dedicated team of professionals always stays with you to guide in the regimen designed for you. We simply do not believe in handing over medications and random diet charts to the patients rather we strive to modify and change the things that badly affect their health.

Creating Health Journey

The ancient Ayurvedic texts already laid emphasis on the individualistic nature of human beings. Hence, the health journey of every patient at ‘AAS Ayurveda’ is planned in this way. We create healthy journey documents for our patients, as we believe that health is something that should get paramount importance in our life. This health journey changes the way you feel about yourself and anything that is troubling you physically or mentally.




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Patients From Multiple Countries

The organization aims to treat its patients with the traditional system of Indian Medicines at its Ayurvedic Treatment Centers. We at ‘AAS Ayurveda’ stay committed everyday to transform this hope into the reality of a healthy, happy and disease free life.

‘AAS Ayurveda’ strives to relieve the patients from the diseases by treating their root causes. We have a specialization in designing individual treatment protocols for the patients as we focus on the individualistic nature of human beings. Our consultants have been able to successfully recover patients from the medical and surgical conditions, which were perceived to be incurable, by these patients.