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  1. Wonderful tips dr saab …
    Am doing all this… Thank you for the inspiration..
    Only a positive mind like urs can create hope in this pessimist situation..
    God bless you…
    Keep writing & keep sharing

  2. Very practicable,efficient, worthwhile post . Especially the 3 R .The best time to be intrensic and work intensley for ourself to build ourself valuable.awsome keep doin

  3. So true.. we are fortunate to have a chance to win against this disease through staying at home.. and also have some time to refine our inner talent by doing and following these tips.

  4. Great dr sahaab it will really help in this time of challenges and difficulties will surely follow that

  5. Thanks for motivating during such a tough time. Lethargy brings in more lethargy. Thanks for ideas in breaking the chain

  6. Bhupesh, my brother in law, I did not know you write so well. Very simple yet persuasive blog above. Excellent. You enriched my day.

  7. I love all of the points you have made here. Thanks for writing this. Thumbs up! I like the helpful information you provide in your posts. Carmen Racine

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